Halsey - The Prologue: Halsey's hopeless fountain kingdom (Vevo Presents)

The Prologue: Halsey's hopeless fountain kingdom (Vevo Presents). 2017
On Thursday, June 1, at the MacArthur in L.A., Halsey gave the first full performance of the songs from her new album ‘hopeless fountain kingdom’ at our Vevo Presents show. A fearless stage performer, she brought all the roiling emotions of her latest work to the foreground; both artist and audience connected deeply. Several of the tunes were inspired by a “prolonged breakup” Halsey went through (as well as being artistically influenced by Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Romeo + Juliet’) and their dramatic impact was front and center. “‘BADLANDS was about my relationship with myself,” she says. “‘hopeless fountain kingdom’ is about me fighting to get back to that relationship with myself.”

As you see in this Prologue profile, the singer has a deep, ongoing rapport with her listeners. She often speaks about the “sense of community” they bring to her world, and she fully enjoys interacting with them. “The reason that they care about me so much is simply because I care about them so much, too.”

The performances from Vevo Presents Halsey go live on Monday, June 5 at 3 pm ET on Vevo.com.
Listen to Halsey's 'hopeless fountain kingdom': www.vevo.com/watch/playlist/015c698b-4959-2a20-0c2a-d8dd6c0620da
Watch Halsey on Vevo: www.vevo.com/artist/halsey
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