Vampire Betsy Hagg's Final Curse | Just Roll With It: You Decide LIVE! | Disney Channel

Vampire Betsy Hagg (Raven Symone) surprises the Bennett-Blatt family with a splat-o-pult, confetti blast, pumpkin guts and more during ust Roll With It: You Decide LIVE! The special one-hour Halloween-themed live telecast aired Friday, October 4 (6pm PT /9pm ET) on Disney Channel.
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Just Roll With It is centered around the blended Bennett-Blatt family’s crazy adventures! Blair (Kaylin Hayman), often a rebel without a cause, is the polar opposite of her strict ex-military mom Rachel (Suzi Barrett). Owen (Ramon Reed), a born athlete with a taste for organization, is always trying to manage his charismatic father, Byron (Tobie Windham), a morning radio show host. While the actors will have a complete script, they WON'T know which scenes will force them to improv while still staying on story. Our cast will have to ROLL WITH IT as the audience makes them think - and act - on their feet!
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