My grandad comes to my room at night with a mask, now I know why

It was such a night that I’d had to leave my window open and even the fan was on, but still I was sweating! The curtains were blowing in the wind and at one point I turned over to try and find that cold spot on the pillow. I must have opened my eyes just for a second, and something crossed the room. I ignored it and went back to sleep, thinking it was just the curtains, but after a few moments I had that feeling deep in my gut that someone was in the room. Instead of screaming, which was what I really wanted to do, I slid further under the covers to try and hide myself. After a few minutes, I needed to come up for air, and it sounded like the coast was clear. I peeked out of the corner of my cover and standing in the corner of my room, right by the open window was a figure in a mask. He was just standing there staring at me with his arms crossed. Oh my gosh, why had I left the window open???? Grandad lived in the middle of nowhere, but that is exactly where horror films began...I was so stupid. Before I could even stop myself, I let out a scream. I needed grandad to wake up. I had to warn him before this man hurt him!!!! There had been all these news reports recently of mysterious crimes...what if we were next? I screamed and screamed, and the next moment I heard my grandad running into my room and turning on the light. “Orla, what is that noise?” he said. “There’s someone in the house grandad! He was standing here watching me! Call the police! Quickly!!!!” I screamed. Grandad looked annoyed, it’s like he didn't even care! I started crying...I was so scared! And I felt like it was all my fault for leaving the window open. After I begged Grandad to check the whole house, he did, and then assured me that there was no one lurking in the shadows, and that I’d probably just had a nightmare. He then told me I shouldn’t have eaten so much cheese before bed. Did I not know that cheese gave people nightmares, he made fun of me! How could he even joke at a time like this. I didn’t sleep a wink that night. I sat bolt upright in bed and moved my chest of drawers against the door. NO ONE was getting into my room again. I felt so shaky the next day, and every time I heard a sound, I jumped. The next night I made sure I lock the doors and all the windows and I checked every room and cupboard in the house before climbing into bed. I even glanced under my bed to make sure he wasn’t hiding there! I was so paranoid!! Once I was sure no one was about to jump out at me, I went to sleep. Of course I woke up because I was sweating so much. I refused to sleep with the fan on incase I couldn’t hear the killer sneaking into my room, and there was no way on earth I was opening the window. I kicked my covers off and as I wiped a beat of sweat from my brow, I froze. He was there again. I swear he was there! If I hadn’t been so scared, I would have gotten up, pulled the curtains back and punched him. I could see him standing behind the curtains. He was right there!!! I decided there was only one thing for it. I jumped out of my bed as fast as I could, ran out the room and ran straight to the phone. I dialled and told them to get here as fast as possible. Then I ran to grandad’s room. He was already awake, and walking towards me asking what was wrong. When I told him, he looked confused. He said that I should toughen up and stop being such a brat. I told him the police were on the way, which seemed to him off. But I couldn’t just stand around in the house...what if the killer got to us before the police did…?!!! Well the police arrived super fast! They checked every corner of the house and found nothing. Grandad didn’t even pay attention to what they was weird. He let me stay in his room that night and I could have sworn I saw him smiling as he slept. I hadn’t really wanted to come to grandad’s for the summer. Mom told me it would be good for grandad to have some company, and she promised she’d take me skiing at Christmas if I did this for her…Well, she seriously owed me now! How guilty would she feel if something happened to me out here? Honestly grandad lived in the absolute middle of nowhere. Like there’s not even wifi and sometimes I couldn’t even get phone signal. Anyway, the next few nights I it kept getting worse. I could have sworn that I saw that creepy mask person like 4 or 5 times, But I pretend to be asleep until it just went away. I kept grinding my teeth in my sleep. I texted mom asking her if I could come home, and she replied saying: only one more week, honey, come can’t be that bad! Ha! If only she knew… Granddad didn’t seem distressed though! He even left the door unlocked at times, like nothing had even happened! I just didn’t know what would happen after mom came and got me. I didn’t want grandad staying out there alone!! It wasn’t safe!