Katerino Asks Carson on a Date & Carson Makes a Wish ~ Katerino Weekly Best Moments

This is the best moments (clips) of Katerino on Twitch. Sometimes Katerino is just being cute, other times she's being jealous, other times she's being shipped with CallMeCarson aka Carson. But who is she dating? IDK, I just have funny moments of her singing, laughing and playing games. Her height is pretty shorterino and she likes laughing at stupid jokes.
Check out this channel:
Katerino ~ twitch.tv/Katerino

Clip Titles:
['0 Katerino ~ Boomerino Everyone!', '1 Katerino ~ i hef phat ass', '2 Katerino ~ LIPS', '3 Katerino ~ I Break Kate PepeHands', '4 Katerino ~ Farting like a mofo', '5 Katerino ~ God needs to pay his rent to Shaggy so he doesn’t kill him ', '6 Katerino ~ And Lie!!!!!!!!!!!', '7 Katerino ~ Clapping Cheeks', '8 Katerino ~ Maybe like a date?', '9 Katerino ~ Make A Wish Kids']