How to Say "Mother" & "Father" in Greek | Greek Lessons

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How to say "Mother" in Greek
Mother. Mητέρα "Me-te-ra".
Mother. Mητέρα "Me-te-ra".
Now, you try.
You can also say: Mαμά "Ma-ma", which means Mom.
Mαμά "Ma-ma". Mom
Mαμά "Ma-ma".
Now, you try.
Perhaps, you want to say: Father. Πατέρα "Pa-te-ra".
Father. Πατέρα "Pa-te-ra".
Now, you try.
You can also say: Mπαμπά "Ba-ba", which means Dad.
Mπαμπά "Ba-ba".
Now, you try.
And that's how to say "Mother" in Greek.