Home-Cooked Indian Food in Delhi, India!! MOM'S RAJMA + LOVELY Family Food in India!

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In today’s episode, we went to Gaurav’s family home in Delhi to experience a true Indian family meal. We were greeted by Gaurav’s mother and wife who are the head chefs of the home. Before preparing the dinner, we sat down to enjoy homemade chai and gobi parathas (cauliflower) with pickles. We also dressed in traditional Indian clothing (Indian tunic and shawl for Sabrina, and a kurta for Luke) with a flower garland for the special occasion. After our snack, it was time to start cooking in the kitchen. With fresh ingredients from the local market, they made: rajma (red kidney beans with rice), dhal (made from lentils), bean sprout salad, chicken tikka (marinated chicken grilled on skewers), lump cabbage salad, chicken curry, green chutney, chapati (Indian flatbread), carrot halwa (sweet dessert) and they even hand painted this claypot for our visit! It was incredible to watch these women cook these Indian dishes and they even explained how every ingredient was used!
With all of Gaurav’s family, we sat down to eat. All of the food was cooked authentically and was incredibly DELICIOUS! We would like to give a big thank you to Gaurav and Gaurav’s family, for cooking these Indian specialties, welcoming us into their home and sharing a meal with us. Have you experienced a family meal in India as a foreigner before? What dish was your favorite? Let us know down in the comments!
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