gleb - sranec #hot16challenge2 prod.komander

Kedže vychádza každý deň nejaká hot16, tak tipov na charitu nájdete od ostatných určite dosť. Ja chcem touto formou podporiť vás. Ak si nemôžete dovoliť prispieť, tak nechajte peniaze doma. V týchto časoch sa zídu boyyy
Hot16challenge is an initiative for rappers and singers. Idea of the action is to record one verse including 16 bars, publish it and then nominate four more artists who have 72 hours to reply. Main goal of Hot16challenge is to activate as many artists as possible and to mobilize firstly hip-hop industry, then hopefully whole music industry to help fight COVID-19 by music.
Hot16challenge participants and their fans as well can donate to link or any charity campaign in fight with coronavirus.
Six years ago, #hot16challenge went viral as an artist-to-artist movement. Now we’re launching a sequel, but with a charitable twist and going worldwide.
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