EPIC Matrix effect w/ a ceiling fan & 1 GoPro (ghetto bullet time)

A simple trick to get awesome Matrix-like "Bullet Time" footage for waaaaay less money than most people spend on it with huge camera arrays.
I shot all off this footage with a GoPro HD Hero 3 at 240 fps. NO TWIXTOR!!!... but I did you use After Effects smooth motion thing in parts which is pretty much the same thing... it just seems like writing NO TWIXTOR is like a badge of honor for slow mo videos for some reason... so I wanted to put it in there.

I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last:
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Song used - ch-me.org/videos/video-doOnMkpU84c.html The XX - Intro (Dubstep Remix Go Jane Go)
Video editing and music choice inspired by David Muessig. He has cool videos and you should check them out. Young kid. Good eye for filmmaking: ch-me.org/videos/video-CbrxzFEa5yU.html
-Cool song at the end created by Qwiet. He hasn't released that one yet so sub his channel to see it when it comes out:
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