Emilia Clarke Reacts To Petition Demanding A GoT Season 8 Remake

When a long-running TV series comes to an end, fans can sometimes get a little bit emotional. But plenty of Game of Thrones enthusiasts aren't just sad about the show ending - they're mostly feeling angry about how it all wrapped up.
That unrest has given rise to a petition demanding HBO remake the eighth and final season with a whole new team of writers, a tall order that they hope at least sends a clear message to the people in charge of the show.
"There's a fierceness you don't often see. They'd do anything to protect their babies."
The online petition gained international attention as the final episode of the series drew near. By the day after the divisive finale, it had already received well over a million signatures.
One person who was unaware of the petition's existence was the actress whose unexpected character turn arguably started the intense fan outcry in the first place.
Daenerys Targaryen actress Emilia Clarke was told about the petition when she sat down for an interview with the New Yorker, during which she gamely offered her ideas for a hypothetical "do-over." But Clarke also said, she's, quote, "in no position to critique the geniuses that have written eight seasons’ worth of wonderful stuff."
"Not a true story, necessarily."
Clarke revealed that she would have loved if Daenerys interacted with her handmaiden, Missandei, and her greatest enemy, Cersei Lannister, more than she did during Season 8. She also said she wanted to, quote, "see a bit more" discussion between characters during the controversial fifth episode of the season, which followed Daenerys and her allied forces as they stormed King's Landing.
When the city surrendered in a peaceful manner during the climactic episode, the Mother of Dragons suddenly made a heel turn toward sheer madness, ordering her dragon to burn down everything in sight. Clarke has since said that Dany's tumbling into madness was inevitable, but she would have enjoyed additional conversations being included in between all the action. She explained to the New Yorker,
"The genocide was there. That was always going to happen. And I just think [...] that we are more than happy to contently sit there and watch ten minutes of two people talking, because it's beautiful. I just wanted to see a bit more of that."
Clarke also expressed a desire, in her idea of a hypothetical do-over, to see Dany's, quote, "last images being that of kind of a hopeful, childlike love" before she dies in the arms of her lover-slash-nephew, Jon Snow, who tragically slays her out of a certainty that she'll cause more harm than good to the people of Westeros. Clarke said Daenerys' death was a, quote, "shocker to read," but the actress also admitted that she isn't sure the character could have had a more triumphant ending. Keep watching the video to see how Emilia Clarke reacts to petition demanding a GoT season 8 remake!
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