Bosnia - Karadzic interview

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Radovan Karadzic, the former Bosnian Serb leader indicted by The Hague War Crimes Tribunal, says nothing has been finished in the Balkans and that this is not the end of history and wars.
Speaking recently in Pale, Karadzic said he would change almost nothing in the way he conducted policy during the Bosnian conflict.
Karadzic gave the interview to former TV Knin journalist Stevo Grkinic as part of a documentary entitled "1300 days of the Republics of Srpska Krajina," a project based on a series of interviews with Bosnian and Krajina Serb leaders.
CU Radovan Karadzic, Bosnian Serbian leader, with Serbian flags behind him;
SOT Radovan Karadzic,Bosnian Serb leader (serbian): "I believe that nothing is finished, that this is not the end of history and that is not the end of wars. I belive that the powers of the world have been shifting in a way that will lead to another confrontation. It will not be the typical block confrontation but the confrontation of some forces which will be brutal in its intention to subdue the rest of the world and Europe and that would lead to the confrontation of certain nations. Europe has been rapidly transformed in a federation, but Britain shows significant resistance to that. It is highly possible that such a resistance will one day be expressed by France. There we can see a variant of a New Entente (between Britain and US before first world
war). We do not know how America will behave in that situation but we are sure that we'll have on one side Germany with its numerous European satellites and on other side we'll have powers of Entente - England, France and possibly Serbia and Russia. In the last ten years Germany has won World War Two. Germany got all that Hitler wanted without resorting to arms and unfortunately with the assistance of America and the support of European countries. Yugoslavia was broken up. Germany got Istra, Slovenia, the Muslim part of Bosnia, and the whole of central Europe is a German sphere of influence. The Baltic countries,
Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary - in a word - what Hitler wanted Chancellor Kohl has achieved. Germany will not stop there. Having in mind that it is not refined and not an imperial power at all, Germany which proved unable to rule the world, will show agression and than we can have polarisation in Europe. We have no doubts that Croatia will again make a mistake and find itself on a wrong side, among losers. Than, it would be possible to correct what has been done to Serbs during the last summer and the Bosnian war in general."
CA journalist and Karadzic;
MS journalist asks Karadzic if he would change anything, from today's
perspective, in the way he handled the policy;
SOT,Karadzic,(serbian): "I would not change anything in our policy. Maybe we would be even more tough in showing that Yugoslavia is being broken up against our will, but the question whether the world would hear us remains open. We would insist that all Serbs openly declare are they against the destruction of Yugoslavia. Also we would ask whether Serbs are ready to commonly defend themselves or some of them would be left on their own. That would be the only change. Unfortunately it turned out that all Serbs left some parts of their nation on their own. That is how we were defeated at the end of this fight. It is our duty to do what we can. We did what we had to do. First we prepared the mechanisms of political and democratic fight, and when we were attacked in Knin, Krajina and in Bosnia then we defended ourselves";

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