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During the 1980s and 1990s AIK's official supporter group Black Army raged havoc around the country, making headlines in national newspapers. As a result of Black Army's bad behaviour another supporter group was created in 2000, Allmänna Supporterklubben (the General Supporters Club), as an option to Black Army. In 2002 Allmänna Supporterklubben was renamed to the much more AIK related name "Smokinglirarna" (roughly, "The Players", literally "the Black Tie Players"). In 2002 an ultras group was formed, Ultras Nord (Ultras North), and two years later, 2004, Sol Invictus was formed. Black Army, Smokinglirarna, Ultras Nord and Sol Invictus together with AIK-Tifo forms the so-called AIK-Alliansen (the AIK Alliance). Crown princess Victoria's spouse Daniel Westling and princess Madeleine's former boyfriend Jonas Bergström both are ardent AIK fans. From time to time the royal family visits the clubs home matches. His Swedish Majesty Carl XVI Gustaf is an honorary member of the club (in line with family tradition), although he has stated that he is a fan of Djurgårdens IF, allegedly. Among Swedish politicians the former party chairman of the Swedish Social Democratic Party Mona Sahlin is an AIK supporter as well as former Minister for Justice Thomas Bodström. The Wallenberg family are also closely attached with AIK as a club, being one of the major share holders. The chant used by AIK is Å vi é AIK ("Oh we are AIK" pronounced with a Stockholm dialect).
Fans of the club are referred to as AIK:are or gnagare (Swedish: rodent). (The words are the same in singular and plural.)
Although AIK fans can be found all over Stockholm and Sweden, some AIK fans consider the northwestern Stockholm urban area the club's stronghold. The blue line of the Metro, a route which is often referred to in AIK's club culture, runs through this area, and both the club's current and previous home grounds are situated there. The club's most important fan clubs are Black Army, Ultras Nord, Sol Invictus and Firman Boys. AIK Tifo organizes the club's terrace choreography.
Rivalries :
AIK's main rival is Djurgården, also formed in 1891 in Stockholm, just three weeks after AIK. Widely considered the fiercest rivalry in Swedish football, the fixture between the clubs is known as the Tvillingderbyt (literally Derby of the twins). AIK also maintains a strong animosity towards another Stockholm side: Hammarby. The club's biggest rival outside the Stockholm urban area is IFK Göteborg, followed by Malmö FF.
Attendences :
In 2006 AIK had an average attendance of over 21,000, the highest in Sweden. In 2007 AIK had an average attendance of over 20,000. AIK have had the highest average attendance 38 times,[citation needed] more than any other club in Sweden. AIK finished the 2013 season with an average attendance of 18,900, the highest number in Scandinavia. That was also the first season with the new arena.
Club culture :
The club's entrance music and unofficial hymn is "Å vi e AIK" ("Oh we are AIK"), a Swedish-lyric version (written in the 1980s) of a 1971 song, "The Last Farewell", originally performed by its co-writer, the British-Kenyan folk singer Roger Whittaker. The recording that has been used as AIK's entrance music since the mid 00s was released in 2002, an arrangement somewhat closer to Elvis Presley's 1976 cover of the song.