A Guide to VIXX Ravi (Wonshik) ♥

This is a guide to VIXX Ravi and oh boy I can write papers and books and it won’t do him justice for how much love and respect I have for this man :’) Hongbin Guide is next ♥ can’t believe no one did make guides for 93 line :( that’s why I’m uploading this and then my baby bean ♥ In case you’re wondering why I’m not done with VIXX possessed yet, tbh it’s taking me longer than I expected cause it’s heavily edited & it’s gonna be the death of me so I hope u don’t mind waiting a little bit longer :) All the background music listed in the credit screen at the end so please make sure u check that if u have any questions regarding any of the songs used … I don’t mind answering u guys whenever I have time! But the more subscribers I get the less chance I have to answer ur Qs therefore from this point on I’m not gonna answer any repeated Qs so make sure to check the comments if u don’t get an answer from me ♥