30 Things with Christian Convery! | Pup Academy | Disney Channel

Learn 30 things about Christian Convery (Morgan) from Pup Academy! He loves parkour, ice cream, ziplining, flossing, and pranking his pup!
Morgan Edwards’ life in a new town gets even more complicated when he learns his grandfather Charlie is the caretaker of a secret school for dogs called Pup Academy. Morgan meets Pup Academy's newest students - Spark, a street-smart stray; Whiz, a nervous but clever sheepdog; and Corazon, a goofy Golden Retriever that everyone wants at the party! However when the bond between human and canine - powered by the constellation Canis Primus - begins fading, the Dean of Graduates (D.O.G.) must find a special stray to fulfill an ancient prophecy, save the school, and restore the friendship between humans and dogs!
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